episode-11-delena-farmer-1Delena Farmer

Franchise Development

Delena is a seasoned professional in franchise recruitment, franchise re-sales and franchise renewals.  She is a whiz at developing targeted franchise recruitment strategies to identify current and future franchisees by using a variety of marketing streams.

Delena has extensive leasing, franchising and marketing experience and has high level skills in relationship management. She enjoys supporting business owners who share the same focus, passion and drive for their business and the service they provide to their customers.

During my conversation with Delena she shared:

  • Questions you should ask your Franchisor
  • Why you should really know the product you are selling
  • Why you need to talk with your fellow franchisees
  • Why you should know your exit strategy before you actually buy your franchise
  • The enthusiasm and passion within franchising in Australia
  • How to effect change within a franchise system
  • How franchising involves the whole family
  • Why you need to understand the figures of your business – drilldown into every category in the expense section of your Profit & Loss report to find out where your profit is going
  • Why you need to set yourself targets in your business
  • Why you should know who is in the management team of your franchisors business


Delena’s “One Thing” that she does every day…..

  • Keeps a diary and writes down what happened during the day – If you write it down you have the right to forget it


Delena’s secrets are

  • Getting “Me Time” – make appointments for the things that make you feel good
  • To getting the right employee – ask questions that require the employee to give an example of their experience


Delena’s tips for Franchisees

  • Know your financial position daily, hourly even; definitely not yearly – become a numbers person
  • Ask your franchisor – who is in the top seat, how long have they been there, ask to see their resume – this person is making the big decisions that affect your business
  • Interview Question: Where do you want to be in the next two years


The book Delena recommends; it’s a system really

  • The Four Quadrant leadership model



In Delena’s words……

I wish I had known that there is so much information out there that I have access to, I just need to take the time to look for it.


Quotes in this episode…..


Be open minded, have a listening attitude and have your eyes open when it comes to products and their place in the market.” – Delena Farmer


“Franchising is a long term investment” – Delena Farmer


“Franchising is like a marriage, there is going to be ups and downs but it is exactly like a marriage” – Delena Farmer


There is no ‘Off the clock’ for franchisees” – Delena Farmer


Business is very emotional, especially franchise business” – Delena Farmer


“Staff are a tool in your business” – Delena Farmer


People buy from people they don’t buy from catalogues” – Delena Farmer


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