I wish I had known how important it was to have a team and not just employees


There is more to being an employer than just hiring and paying someone. It took me a while but I wish I had known earlier that one of the secrets for success is having a “team” not employees.


It is simply not possible to be in your business at all times, particularly in the retail game where you are open 7 days a week. To me the sign of an effective operator is one who delegates to a team. The number of times I hear, if only they (employees) would do what they’re supposed to do *heavy sigh* *rolls eyes* I usually then ask what is it you want them to do? Answer: You know run the store while I am not there!  Question: Have you told them what you want of them? This question is usually met with silence or a “What do you mean?” Well here are 5 tips to make sure your team do what you want


  1. Operational Procedure Guides – All franchisors have spent a great deal of time preparing the procedures by which your store operates. In fact that is why you paid a franchise fee in the beginning. Make sure that not only do you use them but that your team uses them as well. Have them displayed and easily accessible. Make sure you train new team members with them


  1. Train with a buddy in store – This was an Ah-ha moment for me. Buddy up every new team member with an existing “Gun” in your store. Make sure their first three shifts are with this person. It builds team camaraderie immediately plus ensures that the new person is trained in the way the store works


  1. Leadership Team – have a team of recognised leaders, “mini-mes” of yourself that run the store the way you want it run when you are not there. A team that take responsibility for the day to day actions of the store


  1. Weekly Leadership meeting – communicate with your leadership team weekly. Let them know what the targets and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are for the coming week. Update them on any supplier issues or new campaigns that are running. Highlight any customer complaints or training shortfalls that you see. Problems shared can be addressed and acted on. Trust your team you might just be surprised at what happens.


  1. Instore Dashboard – make your team accountable. Since you have shared your targets and KPI’s make sure you have a system that has your leadership team reporting back to you on a daily basis. Have a daily sales target, a labour percentage target, an Average Sale target, make sure everyone in the team knows these targets. At closing time ask your team to complete the dashboard so they, as a team, can see if they hit the bullseye or missed it. Sign up here to see the dashboard that I use http://www.franchiseesuccess.com.au/sign/


There is no better feeling than being able to walk out of your store knowing that it will be run to your standards. Just the way you like it. That’s peace of mind and the sign of a high performance franchisee.

Written by Elizabeth

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