Summer Series – Delena Farmer

“Franchising is like a marriage, there is going to be ups and downs but it is exactly like a marriage” – Delena Farmer “Be open minded, have a listening attitude and have your eyes open when it comes to products and their place in the market.” – Delena Farmer  “Franchising is a long term investment” – Delena Farmer  “There is no ‘Off the clock’ for franchisees” – Delena Farmer  “Business is very emotional, especially franchise business” – Delena Farmer  “Staff […]

Summer Series – Matt Brearly

“As McDonalds taught us, you can take a bunch of school age children and run a multi million dollar business” – Matt Brearley Absolute GOLD in this episode by Matt Brearley – learn from those who have excelled before you “I may be slightly obsessed by spread sheets” – Matt Brearley  “Bring everything back in line with what the system is and start from the beginning with a set of values” – Matt Brearley  “I spent a lot of the […]

Summer Series – Annette Kirby

Great customer service begins with listening to the stories of your customers” – Annette Kirby Isn’t that so true – in today’s summer series we revisit our episode with Annette Kirby  “the beauty of franchising is it takes the guesswork out of what you are doing” – Annette Kirby  “we thought we knew best and didn’t follow the system properly to please our customer, but it is actually very detrimental to the business”– Annette Kirby  “It is really important if […]

Summer Series – Katie Richards

Talking with Uncle Google – Summer Series with Katie Richards Virtual Legal  “When researching your franchise system, really do your online homework – Good old Uncle Google has a lot of information” Katie Richards “Go and speak with other tenants in the Shopping centre to understand the traffic flows of the centre and speak with Centre Management about their plans for the future” Katie Richards  “Most of your due diligence should be done before you actually apply for the due […]

Summer Series – Mark Norman

It seems you need a great wife if you want to enter franchising according to todays summer series episode with Mark Norman. Mark shares what he knew before buying a franchise “have a great wife!” – Mark Norman “We weren’t looking for a franchise as such we were looking for a business and just happened to buy a franchise” – Mark Norman The term of the franchise agreement is only as long as the first term of the agreement. Mark Norman […]

Summer Series Greg Nathan

Revisiting Greg Nathans Episode today.  Greg had great tips for new Franchisees…. You must have high personal energy nothing in life can be achieved on your own be giving Ask your Franchisor – What are you doing to protect our brand? Are you watching my back? Interview question: From my experience your best employees have a background in either sport or music Greg Nathan Psychology of franchising Greg is Founder of the respected Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) and is widely […]

Summer Series Selena Knight

“When you don’t sell your customer the suite of products you are actually doing your customer a disservice” Selena Knight Selena Knight The Retail Biz Strategist   Selena Knight is the Retail Business Strategist, but this was not always the case. Selena started life as a Tree Surgeon. As her business grew she found herself managing teams of people eventually managing over 100 contractors. Eight years ago Selena ventured into retail and opened a retail store selling baby and children’s […]

Summer Series Warren Ballantyne

For this summer series we revisit the episode with Warren Ballantyne – here are his secrets…..   If the Franchisor lets down the Franchisee they will fail and visa versa” Warren Ballantyne   “Read Biographies you learn a lot from those who have been there done that” Warren Ballantyne Warren Ballantyne Franchisor – GutterVac Warren Ballantyne is the founder, owner and managing director of Gutter-Vac – the world’s first and largest gutter cleaning franchise; revolutionising the gutter cleaning industry. Warren […]

Summer Series – Jane Lombard

Jane Lombard Franchisee; Franchise Broker ABOUT JANE LOMBARD Jane Lombard offers many years of experience from all aspects of the franchise industry. Over the last 16 years, Jane has owned and operated 4 franchised businesses and currently runs two. Jane’s current franchised businesses are Fifo Capital – which provides cash flow solutions to business through invoice finance and The Franchise Shop a franchise consultancy that works to develop businesses into franchises and assist in franchise recruitment. As a Fifo Capital franchisee, […]

Summer Series – Paul McAllister

Paul McAllister Becoming a Franpreneur Paul bought his first franchise, a Boost Juice, in 2002.  On opening day he had just $20 in his bank account as he had thrown all his savings into purchasing his first store.  He soon grew his empire to own three Boost stores in Western Australia, Garden City Shopping centre  (Borragoon), Carillon City Perth and Karrinyup Shopping centre.  Paul won Boost Franchise Partner of the year in  2007 and was the first franchisee inducted into […]

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