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Restaurant Profits

Restaurant Profits has worked with thousands of Restaurant and Cafe owners on sales and marketing over the last decade. They have turned failing restaurants around and added millions of dollars in sales to many who thought that they could never achieve great sales.

The best thing about what they do though is helping hard working people achieve the lifestyle they want. They see clients cut back their hours, go away on holidays, pay down their debt and even sell their restaurants and move on to green pastures. Whatever your goal, their goal is to help you achieve it!


During my conversation with Howard he shared:

  • Writing marketing campaigns that work and bring people in
  • Creating campaigns with a 15% – 60% conversion retention rate
  • Creating consistent repeat business by introducing a birthday card campaign into your business
  • Why you should create a database then use it to build sales and put money in the bank every single month
  • The biggest mistakes that Restaurateurs and Food Franchisees make
  • Where the low hanging fruit is that will increase your profits
  • The four ways to grow your food business
  • Teaching your staff to sell at the table

Howard’s secret to running a great birthday card promotion

  1. Do it with cards
  2. Put your customers name on the card
  3. Make the offer something that they can’t refuse
  4. Make sure that the conditions are low
  5. Make the birthday card fridge worthy
  6. Make the offer valid for the whole month

Howard’s tips for getting the low hanging fruit that will increase your profits

  1. Take the water glasses off the table
  2. Stop offering water as soon as people walk in the door and instead offer them a pre-dinner drink


Howard’s “One Thing” that he does every day…..

  • Meditation – last thing at night

Howard’s secrets are

  • Getting “Me Time” – Have free time and put it in the calendar. A free day is not doing anything related to your business
  • To getting the right employee – hire the best person for the job that you can possibly afford; even if you can’t really afford them hire them
  • To keeping on top of cashflow – Marry an accountant – jokes – Continuity is King – set up a subscription based membership business model


Howard’s tips for Franchisees

  • Build a database
  • Ask your franchisor – Will you give me some money so I can run a birthday club?
  • Interview Question: He doesn’t have one – Howard is kept out of interviews because he puts his social worker hat on during the interview. His team rarely allow him to interview.


The book Howard recommends (beside his two books)

  • More Bums on Seats and Selling at the table – by Howard Tinker (links below)
  • Influence – By Robert Cialdini


  • Presuasion – by Robert Cialdini


  • In Howard’s words……

I wish I had known that everything was going to be okay.


Quotes in this episode…..


Write as you speak, like you are having a conversation, that way customers relate to you.” – Howard Tinker


“create a database and use it“” – Howard Tinker


“treat every customer is if it is their last day on earth”– Howard Tinker


Focus on the 80% of people who say yes when you upsell” – Howard Tinker


Think like business owner not a restaurateur” – Howard Tinker


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