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The Retail Biz Strategist


Selena Knight is the Retail Business Strategist, but this was not always the case. Selena started life as a Tree Surgeon. As her business grew she found herself managing teams of people eventually managing over 100 contractors.

Eight years ago Selena ventured into retail and opened a retail store selling baby and children’s products. Selena’s passion now is to create a vibrant and supportive community for retailers. With so much information freely available and competing for our attention it can get really confusing about where to invest your time and money.

During my conversation with Selena she shared:

  • How to systemise yourself out of the business
  • Managing Cashflow – forecast and know what happens in your industry
  • Getting your team to upsell and monitor your stats like Average Sale Value
  • February and September are the busy baby months- Who knew
  • Why stocking your store at end of financial year is a problem
  • Things you need to put in place before you hire staff
  • How to enable your staff

Selena’s “One Thing” that she does every day…..

  • Exercise – her best ideas come when she is running

Selena’s secrets are

  • For having “Me Time” – Have a bath every single night – 15 minutes is all you need
  • Hire people for their behavioural traits not their skill set
  • Whatever you sell must be of benefit to the customer; do them a service

The Book that Selena recommends

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“When you don’t sell your customer the suite of products you are actually doing your customer a disservice” Selena Knight


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