Matt Brearley

Franchise All-rounder


Matt has worked across all areas of franchising. From McDonalds team member to Bakers Delight Corporate to life as a Bakers Delight Franchisee. Matt has seen franchising from all areas.


During my conversation with Matt he shared:

  • Turning around a store that had gone broke twice
  • Why product range, quality and customer service are the secret to running a great franchise
  • His first management shift in McDonalds
  • Being a McDonalds manager at 22
  • Training your staff to your values
  • Putting in a leadership team into your business
  • Why he rented a house 800m up the road from his store
  • The skills he acquired by being a franchisee


Matt’s “One Thing” that he does every day…..

  • At the end of the day, he writes a “To Do” list for the next day


Matt’s secrets are

  • Getting “Me Time” – You need to be able to assign roles to staff, be clear on your expectations and be okay when things don’t always run to plan
  • To getting the right employee – make sure that you are clear on your values and behaviours and hire based on these values
  • Schedule time to worry about things


Matt’s tips for Franchisees

  • Understand it is your own business and that you need to run your own business within the bounds you are paying for.
  • If you think you are going into this business to have someone else do it for you – you are sadly mistaken
  • If you are coming into the system make sure you understand how to read a Profit & Loss report and live that Profit & Loss in the environment you are in
  • Interview Question: run behavioural based questions based on the STAR methodology


Matt’s thoughts for the future of franchising….

  • Take an established Australian brand in perhaps retail food and look to emerging markets to see if you can establish the business there
  • Look to Bangladesh to establish your Australian brand



The book Matt recommends

  • Mindset by Carole Dwecht


In Matt’s words……

I wish I had known to seek help


Quotes in this episode…..


I may be slightly obsessed by spread sheets” – Matt Brearley


“Bring everything back in line with what the system is and start from the beginning with a set of values” – Matt Brearley


“I spent a lot of the day in-store with staff to train them to my set of values” – Matt Brearley


Sometimes you need to give yourself the day off” – Matt Brearley


As McDonalds taught us, you can take a bunch of school age children and run a multi million dollar business” – Matt Brearley


“Due diligence is the key to having a successful business” – Matt Brearley


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