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Franchisor – GutterVac

Warren Ballantyne is the founder, owner and managing director of Gutter-Vac – the world’s first and largest gutter cleaning franchise; revolutionising the gutter cleaning industry.

Warren invented and developed the gutter vacuuming technology in 1995 and commenced franchising in 2000. Gutter-Vac now has around 70 franchises across 7 Australian States and Territories and has expanding its franchise system into North America (launch was July 2016).

Warren is also the founder, owner and managing director of Ballantyne Safety – a height safety concept that was created by Warren in 1995 to compliment the Gutter-Vac operating system. Ballantyne Safety’s range of temporary roof safety equipment provides workers across Australia with a fast and effective method to safely work at heights.

Warren is also the chairman of Gutter-Vac International Pty Ltd and the Chief Operating Officer of Gutter-Vac LLC (the North American franchise company).

Warren has enjoyed serving on FCA’s Queensland State Chapter for 7 years and has been President of the Queensland chapter of the FCA for the past two years Warren is dedicated to franchising in Australia and abroad.

During my conversation with Warren he shared:

  • How he grew from Plumber to Franchisor
  • What makes an ideal franchisee
  • How to set up and review systems in your franchise
  • What questions a Franchisee should ask a Franchisor
  • Having an internal Franchise Business Coach
  • Showing leadership in your business Selling a Franchise in the United States
  • What the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) does
  • The awards that FCA offer – National, State and Next Gen

Warren’s “One” thing

  • Stay in touch with Franchisees every day

 Warren’s Franchise Secrets

  • Have a weekly routine
  • Participate in a networking group
  • “Me” time – Play golf – but only when her gets to 80 franchises
  • Getting the “Right” Franchisee – it is down to the relationship

Warren’s Franchisee Tips

  • Talk to every franchisee in the system before you enter

Warren’s Quotes

“If the Franchisor lets down the Franchisee they will fail and visa versa” Warren Ballantyne


“Read Biographies you learn a lot from those who have been there done that” Warren Ballantyne


Selected Links For This Episode

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Warren’s Book to Read – https://www.amazon.com/Want-Done-Right-Dont-Yourself/dp/1884956327

Gutter-Vac (Australia) | http://www.guttervac.com.au

Outback GutterVac (North America) | http://www.outbackvac.com

Ballantyne Safety | www.ballantynesafety.com.au


Written by Elizabeth

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