Alisa Newey

Renew Design

Alisa’s passion is creative design and customer experience. She strongly believes that an understanding of the needs of the end user should inform and inspire design. Her design methodology is based on gaining a strong understanding of the personal and business objectives that underlie the brief to ensure the design outcomes are relevant to and support the growth of the business.

She is an experienced interior designer with 6 years of industry experience working within interior design and architecture. She has a bachelor degree in architecture and a master’s degree in visual arts specialising in sustainable retail design. She has extensive experience working on a broad variety of hospitality, retail, workplace, medical, beauty and exhibition design projects and managing projects from concept to completion.  She is also the founder and director of Renew Design.

In our chat Alisa and chatted about

  • The process of designing and opening a new franchised site
  • Collaboration required to get from the initial idea to a completed store
  • The challenges of working in a shopping centre and completing a shopfit in under 5 days
  • What shopping centres require of their shopfit designers
  • The six steps for designing a new franchised store

Alisa’s “One Thing” that she does every day…..

  • The “To do” list – write it; prioritize it; know the three things that need to be done in what order and ensure that you do them.   Refer the Eat the Frog video by Brian Tracy – link below

Alisa’s secrets are

  • To getting “Me Time” – plan it – have a four day work week and leave the fifth day to do creative “me” things
  • To getting the right employee (contractor) – get someone who understands how your business works

Alisa’s tips for getting the right expert

  • Get the right expert advice – pay the money to get the right advice for opening your new business
  • Interview Question to get the right expert – make sure the expert knows what YOU want – not what THEY want

The books Alisa recommends

Alisa recommended two books that she has found valuable:-

The Purple Cow – Seth Godin

Difference – Bernadette Jiwar

And of course her book

Open restaurants that Flourish by Alisa Newey



In Alisa’s words……

I wish I had known…..How much I loved business.


Quote in this episode…..


Rather than open pretty restaurants people want profitable and sustainable businesses” – Alisa Newey


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