Katie Richards – Virtual Legal Founder – Episode 8

Katie Richards Virtual Legal & Franchise All-rounder Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Educator, Author and Innovator. Katie is a commercial solicitor passionate about systematisation and efficiency. As previous commercial legal advisor to corporations like Domino’s Pizza, National Australia Bank, GE Mining and Ecowash Mobile both in Australia and in the USA, Europe and Middle East. As a strong advocate for the provision of access to legal services Australia-wide regardless of financial position or geographical location, Katie set about the establishment of Virtual Legal, […]

I wish I had known the eight “must haves” of a High Performing Franchisee

Before I became a franchisee my list of “must have’s” included the latest brand of Kardashian handbag, Nine West shoes or Wayne Cooper outfits. My franchisee journey changed this perspective. I was so excited when I began nothing was going to get in my way. I was going to be a business owner! I knew I could do it, be in charge of my business and team, work the hours that suited me and still have an income whilst not […]

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September 25, 2016