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About Elizabeth

Hi I am Elizabeth Gillam, founder of Franchisee Success and I specialise in creating high performance franchisees.

In 2004 I bought my first franchise, a Boost Juice.  In 2005, I bought my second franchise a Healthy Habits sandwich store and in 2009 I bought my third, a carvery, Bucking Bull. What a glutton for punishment.

Three franchised stores in three different franchised brands. I was a multi-brand franchisee. What a great learning opportunity.

Over a ten year period, I was able to grow these businesses and achieve three things – increased sales year on year, have customers returning on average three times a week and training staff to a point where they successfully managed my stores for me.

Profit on all stores was in the top 5% – 10% of their respective franchise system. The average transaction value of each store was amongst the highest of its franchise group. The method I used to achieve all these results now forms the basis of my mentoring program.