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Upselling easy as 1 – 2 – 3!


High Performance Franchisees always have a team that upsells well.  And what’s more the team doesn’t even realise they are upselling – it is part of the store culture.


Why do you want a team that is good at upselling?  Easy!  It brings in more money.  Your turnover increases without bringing extra people to your counter.  It can be done immediately, today even!  You already have the people coming to your front counter, just make it easy for them to spend more money with you.


Every franchise group has an optimum “Average Transaction Value” (ATV).  High performance franchisees will always have the highest ATV’s.


So how do you get a team that helps you to achieve a high ATV?  Simple it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


  1. Choose three standard upsell items.  Make sure that these three items are profitable. Be certain that these items compliment the popular menu items and is easy to add to the product.  You don’t want an upsell that doubles the production time.  Be sure the offer is a whole dollar eg: $1 avocado, $2 drink $3 upsize.  Having three items of whole dollars makes it easy for your staff to remember and incorporate into their selling technique.  Keep it simple sweetheart.
  2. Train the team All franchise models have a standard selling technique for the team to use at the register.  It maybe 6 steps or 7 steps, but regardless it will or should always have a step that addresses an upsell.  The BIGGEST mistake I see the register person do often is say, ‘Anything else?” or “Is that all?” NO! NO! NO!  The customer will always answer this NO!  What you need to train your staff to do is have a standard reason why the customer would want anyone of the upsell items you have chosen.  For example, would you like a $2 bottle of water for back at work? Or would you like $1 cookie for afternoon tea.  This plants the seed in the customers mind that’s says “Yes I would like a cookie for afternoon tea”.  Upselling doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be really simple.  But the process has to be known by every staff member and it does have to be enforced by management.  In short, you have to train your staff to upsell!
  3. Implement an In-Store competition.  Once you have decided on your standard upsells and trained your staff in how to offer them, having a competition amongst staff is a sure-fire way to increase your ATV overnight.  I have seen franchisees increase their ATV by up to 40% overnight.  Put up a worthy prize, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Make the competition a weekly competition over a set time period where you reward team members on either having the highest ATV or having the highest increase in their ATV or both. Gift vouchers are sure fire reward for any team of any age.  You will find that at the end of the competition period your team will have incorporated the upselling step into their sales process as standard.  Upselling will have become part of the culture.  Part of how it is.  Your team members will not even realise they are doing it – I will guarantee it.



After the competition is over, be sure that you continue to check each team members ATV regularly.  Always know who your “top 3” upsellers are.  Make it part of your weekly routine or part of your roster preparation.  Reward the person with the highest ATV.  Maybe have a standard prize of a gift voucher if a person appears in the “Top 3” three weeks in a row.


So I challenge you – increase your ATV it is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!  Increase your turnover immediately – isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t want that!


Written by Elizabeth

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